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LC’s Bar-B-Que in Kansas City, Missouri

LC’s brisket sandwich and fries

Today I decided to try LC’s Bar-B-Que in Raytown, Missouri.  The owner of LC’s, LC Richardson, was a company chef for Farmland Industries until the early 80’s and retired and opened LC’s Bar-B-Que in 1986.  They’ve been going strong ever since.

I arrived around 1:30 on Friday afternoon.  If you decide to visit, make sure you put this one in your GPS or you might drive right past it.  It’s on a sharp corner of a curve in the road.  There are only a handful of parking spots and I was lucky enough to snag one. When I walked in the building the first thing I noticed was the large smoker right behind the counter.  Nice!  This is a little hole-in-the-wall dive that seats about 15-20 people.

“The Pit” is located right behind the counter.

This is a restaurant where you order at the counter, they serve you right there, and then you seat yourself.  I ordered a brisket sandwich with fries.  My bill was $11.38.  I received my food almost instantly and found a table.  By the time I sat down the line was out the door about 15 people deep, so I arrived at just the right time to not have to wait.

The brisket sandwich is served on slices of bread with a bottom layer of bread, a layer of brisket, another layer of bread, brisket on top of that and topped with another layer of bread.  This is a huge sandwich!  A very generous portion of meat.  The sandwich was served with sauce on it.  The meat was warm and tender with a good flavor and a crunchy bark.  However, the meat was a bit chewy with some pieces of fat in it.  Even though it had a good smoke flavor, it was too chewy for my taste.

They didn’t douse the sandwich with their sauce, (which is a good thing), so to adequately review the sauce I tried it with my fries.  They only have one sauce flavor and it’s a little sweet with a slight brown sugar taste to it.  After just one visit I have become a fan of their sauce.  The fries are fresh cut and I was a bit disappointed in the consistency.  They give a large serving but some of the fries were overdone, some were underdone, (almost raw), and some were soggy.  I ate them anyway!

LC’s rub.  I didn’t try it, but I did snap a picture.

I’m glad I found this place.  It’s a really good place to stop at if you’re in the area.  They’re close to the stadiums and are open on Chiefs Sundays.

Someone ditched a mattress in the wooded area right across the road from LC’s.  Hey, it’s part of the experience!

I love that they have their smoker right behind the counter and every time they open it the place fills with smoke that makes your mouth water.  It really adds to the experience at this place.

This makes visit number 22 on my quest!  Another milestone reached, as I’ve reached 30% of the list completed!  Thanks to all my readers for all the great questions and comments.  It helps keep me motivated to complete this!  Till next time….

My LC’s selfie!