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K & M Bar-B-Q in Spring Hill, Kansas

K & M brisket sandwich

When you Google “K&M barbecue in Spring Hill,” it pops right up with a message “Best BBQ on the Planet.”  I wouldn’t go that far, but I’m glad I visited this nice family restaurant in Spring Hill today.

According to their website, “Family-Owned and operated, K & M Bar-B-Q has been serving great BBQ for over 20 years. What started as a hobby for Ken & Michelle serving BBQ sandwiches at fairs and festivals in a four county area grew to become a full service BBQ restaurant and catering company that has been located in Spring Hill, Kansas for 18 years.

K & M Bar-B-Q has long been known for their generous portions and reasonable prices. They have a fantastic reputation as THE place to go to enjoy the finest in hickory smoked meats and mouth-watering sides.

Tender beef brisket, savory ham, their own home-made italian sausage, moist turkey breast, delicious pulled pork and lip-smacking ribs and of course, no visit to K & M would be complete without their sweet and delicious baked beans studded with burnt ends!

A long time favorite of our customers is the Killer Combo- Your choice of your favorite 3 meats piled high and layered to create a tower of a sandwich that is definitely a show-stopper!

In 2007, K & M Bar-B-Q realized their proudest accomplishment with the construction of a new building that seats 230 people and offers a banquet facility for groups of up to 100 people.”

I arrived around 1:15 on Friday afternoon.  This is a sit down restaurant where a hostess seats you and you are waited on by a server. As their website says, this restaurant has a few separate dining areas and is much larger than I had anticipated, seating around 230 people.

I was seated and waited on almost instantly.   I ordered a large brisket sandwich with no side dish.  The waitress said “I’ll be right back with that.”  And she was right back with my order about two minutes later!

The sandwich was served on a bun with thinly sliced pieces of brisket.  It was served with a generous portion with their barbecue sauce on the sandwich.  I thought they put too much sauce on it, but I realize some people probably like it that way.  The meat was very tender, but not very flavorful and was served only lukewarm.  I thought the sauce was good, with only a little bit of sweetness to it.

As I was eating, there were three adults who were discussing different barbecue places in Kansas City.  Interestingly, one of the men raved about Q39, which is the restaurant I reviewed last time.  I just kept my mouth shut!  I couldn’t hear them too well because their child was watching some kids movie on his iPad at full volume while all three adults seemed oblivious that it was so loud.  Good thing I was there by myself and wasn’t trying to have a conversation with anyone.

My bill was about ten dollars for a large brisket sandwich with no side.  Not a bad price and a pretty good portion of meat.  Just wish it was hot instead of warm and had tasted a little bit better.

I examined my list of barbecue restaurants the other day and I found that four on the list have closed down.  I’ve added a few since I started, so the new, updated list comprised exactly 70 barbecue restaurants in town.  Since this is visit number 34, one more visit and I’ll have reached the halfway point on my quest.  This is very exciting for me!

You can  follow along on my Facebook page at  When I’m finished with the quest I’m going to rank my top five or 10 and then we are going to have events at each place so we can all go try the barbecue together.  It will be a blast!  Thanks again for reading.  Till next time….