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Smokey’s on the Blvd BBQ in Overland Park, Kansas

Smokey’s brisket sandwich and sweet potato fries.

Tonight I visited Smokey’s on the Blvd. BBQ in Overland Park, KS.  Smokey’s has been around since 2012 and started as the father and son barbecue team of Rob and Jason Harris.  They are located in south Overland Park at 145th and Metcalf near the Tanner’s and Jose Peppers on the southeast corner in the strip mall.

I arrived around 5:30 on Thursday.  They weren’t very busy at this time, as there was only one other customer in the place.  This is a restaurant where you order at the counter and you seat yourself and they bring your food out to you.  Their dining room is fairly small and seats around 30 people.

I ordered a brisket sandwich and sweet potato fries.  My bill was around eleven dollars.  I got my drink at the self-serve drink station and found a booth to sit in.  About five minutes later they brought my food out to me.

The sandwich is served on a toasted hoagie style bun with sauce on it.  Since the bun is pretty soft, I’d characterize it more as a brat bun than a hoagie bun.  The brisket was warm and really tender.  I really couldn’t detect a smoke flavor to the meat because of the sauce, but I did notice a nice smoke ring on it.  The sandwich went down really well due to the tenderness of the meat.  Overall it was a good sandwich.  They do a good job trimming the fat from the meat, as there was little fat.

They have two barbecue sauces that I tried, a regular sauce and a hot sauce.  The regular sauce was a tad sweet but did not have a kick to it at all.  The hot sauce had a bit of a kick to it, but not overpowering.  I preferred it to the regular sauce.

The sweet potato fries were waffle fries and had a nice flavor to them.

My Smokey’s selfie!

I’ll definitely go back to Smokey’s to try their other menu items.  It’s a nice little neighborhood barbecue place.

This makes visit number 26 on my quest.  46 more to go!  Till next time….

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