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Tin Kitchen in Weston, Missouri

Tin Kitchen brisket sandwich and fries

Tonight I visited the Tin Kitchen in historic downtown Weston, Missouri. Tin Kitchen opened in October of 2014, so it is relatively new.  Sean O’Malley, formerly of O’Malley’s Irish Pub, a popular historic establishment in Weston since 1976, is Tin Kitchen’s pitmaster.  According to their website, Tin Kitchen restaurant occupies the old Rumpel Hardware building on Main Street in the downtown historic district.  Built in 1842, the building has been lovingly restored to preserve all of it’s warmth and charm. The dining rooms showcase the original pressed-tin ceilings and walls.

Tin Kitchen’s menu features pecan-wood-smoked barbecue meats straight from the pit. Slow-smoked for up to 16 hours, Pulled pork, brisket, chicken, and contest-style BBQ ribs are among the favorites. Grilled meats and fish, Southern-style side dishes, fresh, crisp salads, and mouth-watering desserts round out the menu.”
I arrived at 6:00 on Thursday evening.  This is a sit down restaurant where they seat you when you walk in and you are waited on by a waitress.  I was greeted and seated instantly as I walked in.  There was a family in a booth nearby and they were the only other people in the dining room at this time.  I came to find out that there is a sports bar in the back attached to the restaurant and there were quite a few people in there.

I ordered a brisket sandwich and fries and received my food about five minutes after ordering.  The sandwich came with a lot of fries, which you can see in the photo above.  The brisket was warm and tender with a crunchy bark and a great pecan smoke flavor.  The sandwich was served without sauce and was tender and juicy enough that I definitely didn’t need sauce on it.  The meat also had a very nice smoke ring and had zero fat, so they do a great job trimming the fat on the meat.  The only negative was that the sandwich was not hot.  It was warm enough, but I thought it could have been hotter.  Other than that, I thought it was a perfectly cooked brisket.

I tried the sauces with my fries.  When I took the picture above, I didn’t realize that the first bottle is just plain ol’ ketchup.  The other two options were a pepper barbecue sauce and a sweet barbecue sauce.  The pepper sauce is exactly what is says…a very strong pepper taste.  I really liked it.  The sweet sauce is molasses based and to me tasted a little bit like grape jelly, which I found a bit odd.  I wasn’t really a fan of the sweet sauce, so the pepper sauce was my favorite.

I was honestly blown away by this place.  I hadn’t heard of it until recently and wasn’t really expecting much.  Weston is about an hour drive from my house, so it’s quite a bit off the beaten path for me.  I’m so glad I found this place though.  Excellent food and excellent service.  They are definitely a contender for best brisket in Kansas City!  I think I’m going to try the pulled pork and the ribs next time I go, as I will definitely be back.  The bill for a sandwich and fries was right around ten dollars, which is very reasonable for the amount of food you get.

This stop is number 38 on my quest.  I’m not quite keeping up with the pace I would like, but I’m slowly getting there.  Don’t forget to like and follow my Facebook page.  Thanks again for all your support and encouragement.  Till next time…