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Hickory Log Bar-B-Q in Kansas City, Kansas

Hickory Log Brisket Sandwich and Fries

Today I visited Hickory Log Bar-B-Q.  They are located near the corner of 50th and Leavenworth Road in Kansas City, Kansas.  Hickory Log is owned by Adam Novosel and his wife and they have run this place for over 30 years.  They took it over from a friend, who had run it for decades before that.  The Novosel’s are Croatian and they have some Croatian dishes on the menu, like their coleslaw, for instance.

I felt like I was in a time warp when I walked into this place.  Felt like I was in 1979 due to the decor and the old jukebox sitting near the bar.  This is a restaurant where you seat yourself and are served by one of the owners.  I’d say the dining room seats about 50 people.  They have a bar that has about five stools and I decided to sit at the bar.  They have a couple options for a brisket sandwich.  I decided to order a large sandwich, which they serve on a hoagie bun.  Total cost for a sandwich and fries was about ten dollars.

I received my order about five minutes after ordering.  The sandwich is served with their barbecue sauce on it and I ordered fries as my side dish.  I talked to Adam for a while after I was done eating and he said that their coleslaw is great, so I’ll have to try that next time.  The brisket was cut very thin and had a very nice smoke ring.  It was very tender meat and had very little fat.  The sauce prevented me from telling how flavorful the meat was, but it was a very good sandwich nonetheless.

The sauce is a homemade sauce and is a bit runny.  Had a bit of vinegar and molasses flavor and was not too sweet or spicy at all.  I really liked it.  They sell bottles of their sauce for three dollars each, which is a pretty good deal.  The fries are crinkle cut fries and they didn’t have any kind of seasoning on them, but they were okay.

I talked to Adam for quite a while.  I asked if their jukebox works and he said that it does but also said that nobody really uses it.  Kind of sounded like they are looking to get rid of it, so if you’re in the market for a jukebox, you might want to let Adam know!

If you’re a fan of hole-in-the-wall barbecue places, you need to check this place out.  I’m glad I found it.  Good food and good people. 

This makes visit number 42 on my quest.  Finding places like this helps keep me motivated to keep going.  Don’t forget to follow along on my Facebook page.  Thanks for reading.  Till next time…

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