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R & J Barbecue in Kansas City, Kansas

R&J Barbecue brisket sandwich and fries

Tonight I visited R&J Barbecue in Kansas City, Kansas.  R&J is located off Parallel Parkway near the Legends.  It’s hard to find much background or historical information about some of these places and this is one of them.  All I could find online is reviews of this place.  You might actually drive right by the building if you weren’t looking for it.  When I pulled up I was wondering if it was open, as there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot and it appeared no lights were on.  It turns out they were open, just not very busy at this time of day.

I took my daughter along on this visit.  We arrived around 4:45.  There was one other family in the restaurant when we walked in.  The hostess greeted us and asked us to have a seat anywhere.  I’d say the dining room seats between 70 and 80 people so we had the pick of just about any table we wanted.  We were waited on and given menus shortly after we sat down.

They have two different types of barbecue sandwiches.  One with a bun and one on a hoagie bun.  I ordered mine on a bun with fries.  My daughter ordered chicken tenders.  I was surprised a barbecue place had chicken tenders on the menu, but they do and she liked them!

We received our order in about 10 minutes.  The brisket is served with thin cut slices with their barbecue sauce on the sandwich.  The meat was tender with a hickory smoke flavor and a nice smoke ring.  The meat was neatly trimmed and I didn’t detect any fat on the sandwich.  The sauce was good but a bit on the sweet side.  They served crinkle cut fries and they didn’t have any seasoning on them.  I thought they were just about average for what you would normally get at a restaurant.

Overall the food was decent and the service was good.  Just not a place I’d normally go out of my way to eat at.

This stop was number 52 on my BBQ quest.  22 more to go!  I’m going to be on vacation next week, so I won’t be posting another blog until I get back.

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