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P Moore and Moore BBQ in Independence, Missouri

P Moore and Moore brisket sandwich and fries

Today I visited P Moore and Moore BBQ in Independence, Missouri.  It is located a couple blocks north of I-70 on Noland Road.  I was lucky enough to meet Patricia Moore, the co-owner, and we had a brief chat.  She is very friendly and made sure to come out and greet all of the customers that visited the restaurant.  She was very excited to find out a few of us were first time visitors.

P Moore and Moore doesn’t have a website.  About the only thing official I could find online was a Facebook page.  I did find a write-up about them from the Kansas City Star in April, 2017 when they opened a second location in the Adams Mark hotel across from the stadiums.  Here is a little background about how this husband/wife barbecue team got started:

“Barbecue was a long-time hobby for partner Gary Paul Moore. But after getting together with his future wife, Patricia, he stepped it up, making platters for church and family events. They married in 2007 and their church, Barker Memorial Cathedral of Praise, dubbed them the “King and Queen of BBQ.”

They opened their first restaurant at 13912 E. Noland in Independence in October 2015 and later knocked out a wall to expand. Patricia said she had a premonition that she would open a second location in 2017.

In late February, the couple opened in the Adam’s Mark space, strategically located just north of the high traffic Interstate 70 at Blue Ridge Cutoff and across from the Truman Sports Complex.”

It’s a great story and even though it’s a relatively new restaurant on the scene, they do know how to make some good barbecue!

I arrived around 1:00 on Friday.  I drove right by it the first time since it’s a left hand turn off of Noland road and my GPS told me to turn too late!  I saw it out of the corner of my eye as I drove by it.  I doubled back and parked right next to the restaurant.  As I got out of the car I could smell the thick hickory smoke from the smoker and it made my mouth water.  It smelled great!  I couldn’t wait to try my sandwich.

Check out the smoker!

I walked in the restaurant and sat down at the bar.  The hostess greeted me immediately and presented me with a menu.  I noticed they had a brisket sandwich and fries for around 12 dollars so that’s what I ordered.  I didn’t ask for nor did I notice any other sides or options so I figured I’d just take it how they served it to me.  The pit boss came out shortly after I ordered and said they were running low on beef and he had another brisket in the smoker still cooking but that he had enough for one sandwich, so it looked like I got there in the nick of time!

The dining room had a sign on the wall saying they had a capacity of 88 people, so this restaurant would easily accommodate a large group of people.  I received my order about 10 minutes after ordering.  They gave me a very large portion of beef and fries, so that alone was well worth the price.  The sandwich was served with thin slices of brisket on slices of bread with a little bit of sauce on it.  The meat was very flavorful with a strong hickory smoke flavor and it had a nice smoke ring.  It was served at room temperature, so a bit cool, and was a bit chewy.  Some of the pieces were a bit fatty, but the meat was nicely trimmed for the most part.

The fries were thick cut fries and they didn’t have any kind of seasoning on them.  I ate them with ketchup that they provided.  Nothing special about the fries.

I’m glad I finally got to try this place.  Check it out if you’re in Independence.  I will be going back to try some of their other selections.  I was asked numerous times how my food was, so they do like to hear customer feedback in the effort to become better and it’s a small, relatively new, family run restaurant that needs the support of barbecue fans in the area.

This is number 64 on the quest.  I had to remove another restaurant from the list, so my list is currently at 70.  Six more to go!  Thanks again for reading and following along.  Don’t forget to follow along on Facebook.  Till next time…