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Mudhole BBQ in Liberty, Missouri

Mudhole BBQ brisket sandwich and fries

Tonight I visited Mudhole BBQ in Liberty, Missouri.  Mudhole BBQ has three locations: Liberty, Kansas City on North Oak Trafffic Way and their food truck.  Mudhole started as a competition barbecue team in 2011 and they were pretty successful, winning the pork category at the American Royal barbecue contest in 2014.  Soon thereafter they started their food truck and opened both restaurant locations.

One thing I’ve learned about my quest is to always check the restaurant hours before driving to a place assuming they are open.  I had to make a trip up north today to pick up something from a friend, so I thought I’d eat at a couple of the barbecue places left on my list while I was there.  I was about to leave my house around 10 after two and checked online to verify the hours of Mudhole and found out that they close at 3:00 on Tuesdays.  I did a quick Google maps search and Google said it was a 45 minute drive from my house.  This would be cutting it close. I quickly jumped in the car and got on the road.  You sure notice and get more irritated by the number of drivers that drive under the speed limit in the passing lane when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, that’s for sure!

I pulled into the parking lot at Mudhole BBQ in downtown Liberty at five to three.  When I walked in there was a gentleman at the counter ordering and I could tell they were getting ready to lock up and leave for the day because all the chairs were on the tables and other than the fact that the door was still open it looked like they were already closed!  I got the “are you seriously going to order something right now?” look from both workers but they were nice about it and even put some fresh fries into the fryer for me after I ordered.  Their brisket sandwich and fries costs around 13 dollars.

I received my “to go” order about five minutes after ordering.  The sandwich was served with shredded beef without sauce, but they gave me a side cup of sauce.  The fries were garlic fries and were really good.  While I much prefer sliced brisket to shredded brisket, the beef was tender and flavorful with a peppery rub.  It was served on a bun.

I tried the sauce with my fries.  The sauce was really sweet and peppery.  You’ll probably like it if you like a sweet sauce.  It was a good sandwich.  Now I’ll have to go back and try the pork and maybe get a table and seat next time! 

Please note that they only cook a certain amount of each kind of meat each day so when they run out they’re out and you’ll have to order something else.

This is visit number 66 on my quest.  After my two stops today, I’ve got three left!  I’m hoping to get the quest wrapped up this weekend weather permitting. 

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