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3rd Place – Char Bar in Kansas City, Missouri

3rd place on my list of best barbecue places in town is Char Bar in Westport in Kansas City, Missouri.  My initial visit was on Thursday, February 8th, 2018.  You can read the blog post of my visit here.

Char Bar makes and serves some great barbecue.  Both visits I had were fantastic.  Nobody has argued with me when I’ve told them Char Bar is near the top of my list.  Literally everyone I have talked to about it has liked it at the very least.  I’m going to try to set up an event here so we can all go and eat it together.  Stay tuned!

You can visit their website and menu below:


And here’s a review of the top 21 so far…

3.  Char Bar
4.  Mad Man’s BBQ
5.  Johnny’s BBQ
6.  Hawg Jaw
7.  Smoke Brewing Company
8.  Jones Bar-B-Q
9.  Danny Edwards BLVD BBQ
10.  McGonigle’s Market
11.  Jazzy B’s Diner
12.  Chop’s BBQ
13.  County Road Ice House
14.  A Little BBQ Joint
15.  Roscoe’s Barbecue
16.  Mudhole BBQ
17.  Jack Stack BBQ
18.  Blind Box BBQ
19. Slap’s BBQ
20.  Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que
21.  LC’s Bar-B-Que

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