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Slap’s BBQ in Kansas City, KS

Look at that sandwich!

Today I decided to check out Slap’s BBQ in Kansas City, KS.  It’s right off I-70 on Central near downtown Kansas City.  A little about the restaurant from their website: “Slap’s BBQ is the evolution of Squeal like a Pig BBQ’s competition cooking team.  Squeal like a Pig BBQ was started in 2013 as a vehicle to accelerate and promote the years of combined cooking and BBQ experience of two brothers Mike and Joe Pearce.  The Slap’s BBQ restaurant was built on our desire to create a product and customer experience with passion, perfection, and tradition while laying the foundation for 2 brothers to follow a dream of opening a BBQ restaurant.”  Slap’s BBQ restaurant was opened in June of 2014.

This is a small shack of a place.  There are five tables in the entire place and there is a small counter with stools to sit at.  They are in the process of adding a patio area but it was still closed off and under construction.

This is a restaurant where you order at the counter and they serve your food there and then you seat yourself.  I ordered the large brisket sandwich and it was served with pickles.  I didn’t get a side this time.  The sandwich is $8.97, which I thought was a great deal considering how much meat they put on it.  They serve your food instantly at the counter.  I grabbed my drink at the drink station and sat at one of the open tables.

The sandwich is served without sauce.  The meat on the sandwich was tasty and tender but a bit dry.  They have two different sauces, neither of which was labeled.  One was spicy and one was sweet.  I preferred the spicy sauce because, as you know by now, I don’t really like sweet sauces.  I finished about 1/3 of the sandwich before putting sauce on it and finishing it off.  It wasn’t the best brisket sandwich I’ve had thus far, but it was definitely a good sandwich.

One interesting tidbit about this place is that they do not guarantee that they will have everything on the menu when you arrive.  They cook a certain amount of each kind of food each day and when it’s out, they’re out and they don’t cook more until the next day.  In fact, the hours on their lunch menu state that they start serving at 11:00 AM and they serve until they run out.  So I guess you’d better get there early!

There were a couple ladies sitting near me that ordered the ribs and the ribs looked very good.  There was also a table full of KCK police officers that were raving about the burnt ends, so I’ll have to try those next time as well.  This is definitely a place worth going back to to try the other selections.  It’s easy to get to right off the highway, either 670 or I 70.  Definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

This is number 11 on the list.  I’ve got a lot more to go, but it’s encouraging I’m in double digits!