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Smokebox BBQ in Kansas City, Missouri

Smokebox BBQ brisket sandwich

Today I visited Smokebox BBQ in Kansas City, Missouri.  Smokebox has been around since 1994 and is located at the Tiffany Springs exit off of I-29 in a strip mall across the street from the Embassy Suites.

I arrived around 11:30 on Saturday.  This is a sit down restaurant where a server seats you and waits on you.  They also offer to-go orders, but I decided to dine in.  I was greeted, seated, and served instantly as I walked in.  The service at this place was great.  The dining room seats around 50 people and they weren’t very busy at this time.  There was only a couple seated a few tables from me and I in the restaurant at this time.

They happened to have a lunch special today of a barbecue sandwich and a couple of sides, so I ordered the brisket sandwich without sauce and a side of fries and coleslaw.  I received my food around five minutes later.  The brisket was served as thinly cut slices on a bun. They offer an option of bread or bun just in case you prefer bread.  The meat was warm had a nice smoke ring, but was kind of tough and lacked any kind of flavor.  I ate half of the sandwich without sauce and decided to try their barbecue sauce on the other half.  The sandwich went down a lot better with sauce on it.  I also used the sauce to dip my fries in.  It was a thick molasses style sauce that was a bit too sweet for me, but otherwise good.  The fries are thick cut strip fries and they were good, but didn’t have any kind of seasoning or salt on them.  The coleslaw was okay as well.

The meal was served on a plastic plate with a plastic fork.  I liked it.  Kind of made me feel like I was at a picnic!  My bill was around ten dollars, which is very reasonable for a sandwich and two sides.

This was an interesting little place.  They had some nice decor on the walls that made it feel like I was eating over at a friend’s house.  The young lady that waited on me was very friendly and provided great service.  I’d be interesting in trying some of their other food, but I just wasn’t a fan of the brisket.  They’ve been around a while, so they are doing something right.

I reached another milestone with this visit, as this makes number 40!  According to my updated list, I’ve got 34 more to go!   Don’t forget to follow along on my Facebook page.  Thanks again for reading.  Till next time…