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Three Little Pigs in Kansas City, MO

Three Little Pigs brisket sandwich

Tonight I visited Three Little Pigs BBQ and Catering in Kansas City, Missouri, located in the food court at Crown Center.  According to their website:

“Chris Marks is a nationally recognized elite competition barbeque chef and barbeque business leader from Kansas City.
Chris has won more than 43 national barbeque championships, and over 600 individual awards including the Jack Daniel’s World Championship BBQ Sauce Championship, and the Grand Daddy of the all the American Royal in Kansas City Grand Championship 8 times.
He has been featured on the Food Channels “Taste of America” with Mark De-Carlo, Travel Channels “BBQ Battle”, and numerous other local and regional BBQ shows.”

I arrived close to 5:00 on Tuesday. Crown Center is dead around this time, as there were only a couple of other people walking around.  I walked right up to the counter and ordered.  Like any food court, you order at the counter and they serve you right there.  They have both a regular brisket sandwich and a jumbo.  At first I asked for the jumbo and the server explained that it is a huge sandwich and that the regular sandwich might be enough.  She said I could watch her make it and if it wasn’t big enough she would give me the jumbo sandwich.  Well, she was right.  They give you a hefty portion of meat on the sandwich.  The total for the regular sandwich and drink was about ten dollars.

The brisket is served shredded on a bun with sauce on the sandwich.  I received my order right after ordering and had a seat.  The meat tasted a bit “stale” like it had been sitting out a while.  It didn’t have any real flavor to it and was pretty dry.  The sauce they put on the sandwich was decent.  Not too spicy or too sweet.  The sandwich didn’t come with a side dish, but did come with a pickle.  The meat definitely needed sauce in order to eat it.  It would have been way too dry otherwise.

This place has won a bunch of awards on the competition barbecue circuit, winning the American Royal contest numerous times.  I must have gone on a bad day.  What I had was definitely not competition style barbecue.  It was just what you’d expect of a food court barbecue sandwich.

Photo of Three Little Pigs BBQ

This makes visit number 44 on my quest, which just so happens to be my age.  I had to remove one from the list, Back Porch Barbecue in Kansas City, Missouri, as they have closed.  That means I’ve got exactly 30 more to go.  That could easily change, as new places are popping up all the time and others unfortunately close down.

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