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Mad Man’s KC BBQ in Lenexa, KS

Mad Man’s brisket sandwich and fries

Today I visited Mad Man’s BBQ in the Lenexa Marketplace in Lenexa, KS.  Mad Man’s started as a food truck and recently opened a storefront in the marketplace.  According to their website:

Mad Man’s has a simple philosophy – take food that we like, and make it awesome. That was the inspiration behind the now very popular Mad Man’s KC BBQ Food Truck. It’s so in demand in fact, that in addition to building out a second truck, Owner/Chef AJ decided that we needed a permanent location.

Soon, in addition to the truck, you can get your KC BBQ fix at our brand new storefront in Lenexa’s Public Market. Stop in for breakfast (coming soon!), lunch or dinner. That’s right – in addition to the awesome BBQ, we’re adding breakfast, Wagyu beef cheeseburgers, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and Boba Teas/Smooties (coming soon!) to our menu!
The Lenexa Marketplace is an 11,000-square-foot food hall and market. It consists of merchants that offer fresh foods and locally sourced, handcrafted products. To me, it is part food court and part flea market.  Mad Man’s is one of several food choices in the market, which is located off of 87th street and I-435 in Lenexa.
I arrived around 1:30 on Friday.  There were quite a few people in the marketplace at this time, but I was able to walk right up to the counter and order.  You order at the counter and they take your name and call out your name when your order is ready.  I ordered a brisket sandwich and fries and my bill was $11.48.  The sandwich is served without sauce and with a side of pickles.  They offer two types of barbecue sauces, a sweet sauce and a spicy sauce.  They also have two self serve drink stations set up to help yourself to a drink.
I received my order a few minutes after ordering.  I had a seat at one of the few tables nearby and dug right in.  The brisket is served on a bun and I noticed the brisket was a bit fatty and could have been trimmed a little better for my taste.  The slices were thinly cut.  The brisket was hot and tender and had a great smoke flavor and a very nice smoke ring.  A very flavorful cut of meat.  You definitely don’t need sauce to eat this sandwich.  It was great and went down very quickly!
The fries were really good and hot and crispy.  I tried the sauces with my fries.  The sweet sauce is way too sweet for my taste.  It had a unique flavor, almost a grape jelly taste to it.  The spicy sauce was really good.  It really wasn’t too spicy at all, but had just enough of a kick to it which made it enjoyable.
The sandwich was served with a side of either sweet pickles or dill pickles.  I opted for the sweet pickles, and boy were they sweet!  Very good though.
The only negative about the sandwich was that the cuts of meat were a bit fatty.  Other than that, I’d consider this a perfectly cooked brisket.  I’m really glad I found this place and look forward to going back and trying their other selections!
This makes visit number 45 on my quest.   29 more to go!  I can kind of see the glimmer at the end of the tunnel from here!
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