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Summit Hickory Pit BBQ in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Summit Hickory Pit brisket sandwich

Yesterday I visited Summit Hickory Pit BBQ in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  They have been around since 1992.  From their website:

“Since 1992 Summit Hickory Pit BBQ has been “Smoking The Good Stuff” so you don’t have to. We smoke everything from start to finish in our authentic brick pits.  The slow smoking process keeps your meat tender and tasty. Just like all of you true BBQ fans like.  All of the staff here at Summit Hickory Pit BBQ believe that outstanding customer service and amazing BBQ is what keeps us voted as the #1 BBQ in Kansas City and Midwest

My son asked me a couple weeks ago “How many of these places say they are the number one barbecue in Kansas City?”  My answer:  “Just about every one of them!”

I arrived around 7:30 on Saturday evening.  This is a sit down restaurant where a server seats you as you walk in.  They have a pretty good sized bar area as well in the restaurant. I ordered the brisket sandwich and fries and a buddy of mine ordered the ribs and we both decided to split an appetizer of smoked sausage and burnt ends.  The brisket sandwich and fries costs around $12.00.  We received our appetizer about 10 minutes after ordering and the main course about 10 minutes after that.

Sausage and burnt ends appetizer

I thought the smoked sausage bites were good.  The burnt ends were a bit dry, but tender with a good smoke flavor.  They were better with barbecue sauce on them.

We received our main course shortly after finishing the appetizer.  The brisket had a nice smoke ring but was very dry.  The meat was sliced very thin and did have a nice crunchy bark but I simply couldn’t eat it without sauce because it was too dry.  There was also a lot of bread and not a lot of meat on the sandwich.

I tried a couple of the ribs and they were really good, having a nice texture and a great smoke flavor.  In my opinion, the ribs were the best thing out of the brisket, sausage and burnt ends.

I tried both of their the sauces with my fries, which were standard fries you would get at most restaurants.  The regular sauce is good, a pretty mild and thick sauce.  The spicy sauce was much thinner and only had a slight kick to it.  I preferred the spicy sauce over the regular sauce.

I noticed on the drink menu that they have mojitos and I’m a big fan of a good mojito.  It’s hard to find a good one here in town so I like to try one if I see it featured on a restaurant’s menu.  We decided to sit at the bar and try one.  It was great and the highlight of the visit for me.  I complimented the bartender and she said that they make their own mint leaves in a garden onsite and she also mentioned that they do seem to have the best mojitos around since she has also tried them in a lot of different places around town and is often disappointed compared to how good they are there.  I totally agreed with her!  If you like a good mojito, it might be worth it to go in just to try them at this place!

This makes number 47 on the quest!  25 left to go!  Follow along on my Facebook page and like and share!  Remember, when I’m done with this we’re all going to visit the top spots together!  Thanks again for reading and for your support.  Till next time…