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Johnny’s BBQ in Mission, Kansas

Johnny’s large brisket sandwich and fries

Today I visited Johnny’s BBQ in Mission, Kansas.  Johnny’s has been around since 1977 and I have been a customer since my parents moved to Kansas City in the 1980’s.  Here’s a little bit about Johnny’s from their website:

“Serving Original Kansas City Bar-B-Q since 1977, Johnny’s Bar-B-Q has the finest hickory Smoked meats around. Our menu includes smoked brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausage, and ribs that are fall off the bone tender. Our Kansas City restaurants are perfect for the quick lunch or the big family get together. Also, we offer a full line of great catering packages for groups from 5 to 5,000. Be sure to visit either of our Kansas City locations in Mission, Kansas or Olathe, Kansas.”

I broke my rule of only visiting one location per local barbecue chain with Johnny’s. A lot of people recommended I visit the Olathe location along with the original location, so the Olathe restaurant was one of the first stops on my quest. I actually liked the Olathe restaurant better, which was surprising to me, although I did visit that location on a different day and time of day.  I visited the Mission location around 11:30 on Sunday.

When you walk into Johhny’s you can order at the counter if you’re taking your food to go or you can sit in the dining room and they will wait on you.  I had a seat in the dining room and was instantly waited on.  I ordered a large brisket sandwich with fries and a drink.  My bill was about 12 dollars.  I received my order about 10 minutes after ordering. The sandwich was served on a hoagie style bun.  The brisket was thinly sliced and was served with barbecue sauce on the sandwich.  The meat had a nice smoke ring and neatly trimmed of fat.  The meat was a bit dry, but tender.  The sauce covered up any flavor the meat might have had.  It was a good sandwich, just not one of the best I’ve had.  Johnny’s is always good, so this wasn’t a surprise.

I tried their sauce with my fries.  It’s a pretty mild sauce.  Kind of tasted like ketchup.  They only had one bottle of sauce at each table so that’s all I tried. 

The service was great and the food was good as well.  Looking forward to going back and trying some of their other selections.

This makes number 49 on my quest.  24 more to go!  I’m planning a group get together for my 50th stop, so follow along on my Facebook page for details!  Till next time…

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