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Smoke Brewing Company in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Smoke Brewing Company brisket sandwich

Saturday was a big milestone as I reached stop number 50 on my quest.  I visited a relatively new barbecue restaurant called Smoke Brewing Company in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  Here’s a blurb about Smoke Brewing from their website:

“Few collaborations of business, brew and BBQ have run down a lineage path of father to son to family as this one. For Josh, Jeff and Lanni Edwards, though, that’s exactly where Smoke Brewing Company was born and bred. The family. Jeff and Josh Edwards have built homes together, they’ve barbecued together and, eventually, they brewed together. And that tradition has helped open the first-ever BBQ-Brew restaurant in Downtown Lee’s Summit.

Smoke Brewing Company fuses championship, competitive barbecue with fresh craft brew to deliver one of the most unique restaurant perspectives in Lee’s Summit. Smoke Brewing combines the passion of competition BBQ with new culinary concepts and craft brew to offer a menu, style and atmosphere unlike any other in Downtown Lee’s Summit. At Smoke Brewing Company, your family will feel just as home enjoying our menu as we are creating and serving it.” 

This is another restaurant that started as a competition barbecue team and is also family run.  They combined their success on the competition barbecue circuit and their love of home brewing to create Smoke Brewing Company in 2017.  I found an article online that was written and posted shortly after their opening that goes a little bit into the history of the founding of the restaurant.

A group of friends decided to join me on Saturday to help me celebrate stop number 50.  We arrived around 6:00.  This is a sit down restaurant where a hostess greets you when you walk in the door and seats you and you get waited on.  We ordered a couple appetizers and decided to try a sampler of their beers along with the smoked wings and chicken fried bacon.  Yes, I said chicken fried bacon!  It’s like chicken fried steak, but with bacon in the middle instead of steak.  All the sides and the beers were great.  I’m not sure I’ve had better smoked wings at a Kansas City barbecue place.

Smoked wings

We ordered our main course and received our food about 20 minutes after ordering.  I ordered the brisket sandwich, which comes with two sides, fries and coleslaw.  I ordered it without sauce.  The brisket can be ordered shredded or sliced and I ordered it sliced.  The pieces were thick cut and the meat had a great smoke flavor and a nice crunchy bark and smoke ring.  There was a huge portion of meat on the sandwich, which was served on a hard roll style bun.  The meat was nicely trimmed of fat.  In fact, I didn’t notice ANY fat on the sandwich.  But the meat was still very tender and I did not need sauce on the sandwich to devour the whole thing.  The cost for the sandwich and sides was 12 dollars.  Quite a bargain.

I tried the sauce with my fries.  The fries were good and had a nice, tasty seasoning on them.  The sauce is molasses based and pretty sweet.  I’m not a fan of sweet sauces, so you won’t hear me raving about the sauce, but others at our table really liked it.  To each his own.

Everyone at our table raved about their meals.  Everything was good.  We’ll all definitely go back to try their other selections.  One of my friends commented “If I lived near here, I would eat here all the time!”  If your list of favorite barbecue places includes Joe’s KC, Gates, Arthur Bryants, Jack Stack and Q39, it’s time to try Smoke Brewing Company to see if your list of favorites changes!  Another thing to note is that we all had food left on our plates that we couldn’t eat because we were so full.  I can usually eat my entire meal with no problem, but I couldn’t finish my fries because I was so stuffed.

Chicken fried bacon?  Yes, please!

I mentioned this stop was a big milestone, as it was stop number 50.  I’ve got 23 more to go.  I keep finding great places along the way and my final rankings will most likely raise some eyebrows…in a good way.

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