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10th Place – McGonigle’s Market in Kansas City, Missouri

Finishing in 10th place on my list of best barbecue places in town is McGonigle’s Market in Kansas City, Missouri.  I visited on Friday, September 29th, 2018.  You can read the blog post of my visit here.

If you had told me before I started the quest that McGonigle’s would make the top 10 I would probably call you crazy.  In fact, they weren’t even on my initial list!  Part of the way through my quest I heard that they did barbecue from a few friends who said I needed to add it to my list so I did.  I chalk up the meat being so good to a couple of things…One, I bet they use the highest quality meat to smoke on their smoker and two, I got the meat directly off of the smoker, meaning it was hot, tender and very flavorful.  It was like eating something right off the grill.  It’s always better.  I’ve heard the burnt ends are amazing as well so I’ll have to go try them sometime.

You can view their website and menu below:


Here’s the top 21 so far:

10.  McGonigle’s Market
11.  Jazzy B’s Diner
12.  Chop’s BBQ
13.  County Road Ice House
14.  A Little BBQ Joint
15.  Roscoe’s Barbecue
16.  Mudhole BBQ
17.  Jack Stack BBQ
18.  Blind Box BBQ
19. Slap’s BBQ
20.  Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que
21.  LC’s Bar-B-Que

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