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Jon Russell’s Barbecue – Overland Park

Jon Russell’s Barbeque is on the northwest corner of 135th and Quivira in Overland Park.  They’ve been around since 1994 on the competition barbecue circuit and their restaurant opened in 2012.  I first heard about this place on the radio when a local radio host asked people to call in with their favorite barbecue places and two or three people mentioned this place.  I had never heard of it before then, but I realized that it’s about a mile from my house so I decided to visit a few months back and tried the burnt ends, which are excellent.  This visit it was time to try the brisket.

I visited the restaurant a little after 5:00 on a Thursday.  At Jon Russell’s you order your food at the counter and then find a table and they bring your food to you.  I ordered the smoked brisket that they call the “Super B” with fries.  The price was $9.64.  They brought the food out in about 10 minutes.  The fries were hot right out of the fryer and had a flavorful seasoning on them.  The brisket is served on a bun with a little bit of their sauce on it.  The meat was hot and tender but a bit bland tasting and chewy.  Overall a good, but not great, sandwich.  I tried two of their sauces with the fries.  They have a “smoking ghost” sauce that was much more sweet than spicy and a “regular” sauce that is ok, but nothing to write home about.  They also have a drink station for free pop and water refills and they have a self serve sauce station.

I’ll definitely go back to this place for the burnt ends.  I hear the ribs are good as well, so I’ll probably try those next time.

This is the 6th stop on my tour.  I’ll have to pick up the pace a bit to make up for the last week I was on vacation.