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County Road Ice House in Kansas City, Missouri

County Road Ice House brisket sandwich

Tonight I visited County Road Ice House in the Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  County Road House opened in March of this year and is a unique dining and drinking concept entirely new to Kansas City. It features smoked meats, burgers, tacos, and ice cold beer served in a casual indoor and outdoor environment.

County Road House is owned by Back Napkin Restaurant Group and Joe’s Kansas City founders Jeff and Joy Stehney.  In an article on their website, Stehney was quoted as saying “We’re thrilled to be introducing the ice house concept to Kansas City.  In Texas, where the ice house tradition originated, these were public places where friends and neighbors came together to relax and enjoy some good food and music. Usually with big outdoor seating areas. We want to replicate that experience here in our hometown.” I found that to be an accurate description of what I experienced.

I arrived around 4:45 on Tuesday.  This is a sit down restaurant where a hostess seats you and you are waited on.  I decided to sit at the bar and was greeted instantly by the bartender and given a glass of water and a menu.  I ordered a brisket sandwich and fries and the total was around 11 dollars.  I didn’t know whether to expect the same sandwich you would get at Joe’s KC or if it would be a bit different.  I received my order a few minutes after ordering, which I thought was really quick service.

I actually liked this sandwich better than the one I had at the original Joe’s KC location on 47th street.  It was served with thinly cut slices of brisket on a toasted bun and served with their original sauce on it.  The brisket was tender and flavorful with a nice smoke ring.  It was a great sandwich.

I tried their two barbecue sauces with my fries.  The fries are served with Joe’s KC seasoning on them, which I love.  The Joe’s KC original sauce had a slight kick to it and is a molasses based sauce.  It’s a really good, thick barbecue sauce and I’m a fan of it.  The “Night of the Living Bar-B-Q” sauce is their spicy sauce.  It is vinegar and molasses based with garlic powder and onion powder as main ingredients.  It gives your mouth just the right amount of “tingle” without being overpowering.  Both sauces are excellent, in my opinion.

Overall, this was a great meal and I have no complaints.  They have happy hour specials from 3-6 Monday through Friday which is a nice touch.  Definitely give this place a try when you’re down near the Power and Light district.

This is stop number 55 on the quest!  19 left to go unless a new place opens up soon!  Thanks again for reading and following!  Till next time…

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